About ONIX

Onix Internal Currency of the Company

Onix Exchange is a platform where each investor is given the opportunity to make transfers and exchanges without any commission. Onix Exchanges have 3 types of operating services: transfer from one crypto currency into another, transfer from one electronic payment system to another, exchange of any crypto currency in any electronic payment system and vice versa.

What is the Rate of Onix in the Company

The initial Onix course will be 1.00 Onix which equivalent to $1.00. After the exchange rate Onix will directly increase, depending on the exchange and transfers within the Onix Exchange platform. Each exchange or transfer increase in the Onix exchange rate by 0,000001%. The experts estimate that the Onix rate will increase from 0,005% to 0,01% per day or from 15% to 30% per month.

Permanent Growth of Currency

The Onix currency issued by our company has a limited emission of 1000000 Onix. The currency emission is divided into three phases, each phase is one quarter. At the first phase, investors are able to purchase in a total amount of 500 000 Onix, at the second 300 000 Onix, at the third 200 000 Onix. The weekly quantitative limit on the purchase is 40 000 Onix.

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